Service automation: increase customer satisfaction.

Customers expect a fast, qualitative and personal service. Service Automation is the technology that helps companies improve the quality and speed of the customer service process. Companies that apply Service Automation measure high customer satisfaction.

Give your (field) service team the right tools

With our Service automation solutions we support all facets of service requests, from the registration and handling of a case to keeping track of the service contract for each customer. Service automation can be divided into two main categories:

  • Properly functioning Customer Service Automation saves time for employees. Prioritizing using automatic ticket allocation has become a lot easier. In addition, they have direct access to the customer data because the software is part of the CRM system or is linked to the CRM system.
  • Field Service Automation automatically assigns tickets to field staff. They are, for example, mechanics from a repair company who visit people’s homes. Field Service Automation organizes the scheduling of appointments, but also keeps track of the stock of the technician. When the CRM system is linked to the ERP system, new stock can be ordered immediately in the event of a shortage.

Do you want to start with Service automation?

Growteq offers complete automation solutions for the service team. We are happy to help you with an accessible and fast start to improve your customer service process.

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