The data warehouse collects, validates, combines and structures data from various systems within and outside your organization.

A data warehouse therefore not only retrieves the data from different systems, but also improves the quality of the data. The data warehouse thus becomes the source of information for making analyzes, (management) reports and dashboards. This allows your organization to benefit optimally from the available data.

Important functions of a data warehouse:

  • Building historical data
  • Bringing data together from different data sources in one information model
  • Applying business rules and calculation rules to data
  • Provide insight into the access, origin and structure of reports (auditable & traceable)
  • Be able to deliver information at a certain frequency (real-time or batchwise)

The data warehouse as a starting point for Self Service BI

The data warehouse is the ideal foundation for self-service BI. New dashboards and reports can be built from a controlled approach. With one uniform information model and all business logic recorded in one place, everyone looks at the same version of the values. Data does not roam freely through the organization, but can be traced back. Your organization has the optimal balance between user freedom and flexibility on the one hand and the right measures for data security, privacy and compliance on the other.

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